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    Do not waste liquid essence

    Different skin to partition using different essence

    Do not think that the essence of partition use different effect is mixed skin, with dry skin, use moisturizing cream alone is not enough, maybe it just relieves the dryness of your cheeks, but prone to wrinkles brow and eye area, not only fill the water will be able to cope with it, they need to anti aging essence of free radicals and repair damaged cells, resist. While oily skin is also so, if just blindly oil control without moisturizing essence, unable to complete the water and oil balance, even if again increase oil control efforts in vain.

    It is much more in several areas

    Partition Is it right? Into T zone and U zone can be? If only these two areas, your partitions work very sloppy. Because only with aging, around the forehead, eye, lips aging schedule and the focus is not the same. Some aging problem requires you to use anti-aging cream resist free radical, and some require the use of firming ingredients to lifting facial contour, so the partition uses the essence only into T, U zone is not enough.

    To perfect is not perfect essence

    Use the full essence indeed will be effective, but does not mean that can make each part of the skin can be conditioning. Perfect essence can be used as the first layer of the essence of conditioning, and different parts according to the need of skin problems to choose products focus on conditioning, especially relatively susceptible to cheeks, nose week love from dander and other parts should use the essence of strong.

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